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    I am looking for a motor with the following characteristics:

    • Cheap

    • Easy to control

    • Can provide 150-200 grams’ thrust

    • Weighs less than 50 grams

    • Low voltage: (preferably under 12 V ideally 5 V)

    I am using the following equation to calculate thrust

    T=100*(nb 2 Pi Rho (P^(2)) (R^(2)))^(1/3) [gf]


    P=VI=torque*rotational velocity [w]



    Is this calculation viable?

    Does such motor exist?

    Do I use coreless brushed motor, or brushless motor?

    Voltage specification: I set the voltage low because I thought that a higher voltage would demand a heavier battery, such to lower the overall weight I thought to limit the voltage on the motor, is this a stupid assumption?

    Thank you

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