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    Hi folks, I’ve just taken delivery of one of these for my Bugs 3 but the FPV monitor I’ve ordered is lagging hopelessly behind somewhere in the Far East! Can someone advise me if I can use my smartphone Drocon app to link to the C5830 and if so which would the best 5.8ghz channel be on the FPV camera? Thanks
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    The C5830 and C5820 camera's are analogue 5.8ghz only (with a 720p record to a SD card feature built into the unit). They are not WIFI camera's. If you want to turn your Android smartphone into a analog 5.8ghz receiver you need a Eachine-ROTG01 and your smartphone needs to support OTG.

    The MJX Drocon app was designed for other MJX quadcopters that use a WIFI 2.4ghz signal.

    The only WIFI camera's MJX sells separately are the C4010,C4008 (720p) and C4005 (480p) and they both use a WIFI 2.4ghz signal.

    EDIT: They do another camera that's compatible with the bugs 3 and 6. It's called the C4020 and it uses 2.4ghz WIFI and the app is called MJX H.

    5G WIFI is only used to stream 1080p video to a smartphone because it needs a higher data transfer rate. The only MJX quadcopter that uses a 5G WIFI connection is the Bugs 2 B2W.

    Hope that helps.
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