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    Hi, I was planning on buying a quad for some aerial photography with a budget of $400. I don't have the tools or the knowledge to build my own quad so I was thinking of buying a MJX bugs 2 B2W due its long range (up to 1000m) and 15-20 minute flight times. From what I understand the quad's onboard camera/wifi fpv isn't great so i planned on doing the following additions to the quad: mount a 5.8gz fpv camera on the top of the quad, mount this small gimbal on the bottom for my action camera (Light 2 Axis Brushless Gimbal With BGC3.0 Plug and Play Stabilizer For GoPro SJ Hawkeye DJI RC Drone) and attach landing gear (which I found a kit for). What would you recommend for the fpv camera and how would I power it? How would I power the gimbal? On the topic of fpv things, I have this little monitor that came with a micro quad I bought a while ago. I doubt the antenna it came with would do the job so could you recommend one that would be better? Finally, would the quad even lift this? If not, any recommendations of quads at a similar price point I could try a similar setup on? Thanks!
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    The 15min flight time might be tricky.
    As it's a branded shaped battery.
    You would need something around a 3-4000mah. Lipo. Have hardly any proper manoeuvrability. The vtx above, you should be able to power off the battery's balance lead @ 5v. You will have to find out what the gimbal runs on.
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    In the end you're going to spend just as much or more as you would on a Phantom 3, which is far superior in every way. Just something to think about
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    The drones the other guys have mentioned are sweet but they ain't acro flyers like the bugs. If it's photography & video you want then any of the linked quads are decent. However, range & fpv capabilities. Range as good as your phones range of WiFi. 100' on optimum conditions. Using box goggles your phone will fit in for fpv. Or the
    5.8ghz vtx&cam $25
    5.8ghz Vrx $15
    Quanum V2 goggles $20
    Fatshark style $150-$500
    If you don't want acro then go with one of the cowboys options as it's all there.
    Mr Steel did make a video flying a modded phantom on a set of the walking dead. Flying around cars & dummies.
    Cool video.
  6. bevi

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    I think this drone idea would still be a whole lot less expensive than even a refurbished Phantom 3. Heres a parts list I've come up with so far: the quad itself (https://www.ebay.ca/itm/MJX-Bugs-2-...-WiFi-FPV-1080P-GPS-Positioning-/253108884050), the gimbal (https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Axis-Bru...torm32-Controller-Gopro-3-4-USA-/281776499167), the action camera (https://www.gearbest.com/action-cameras/pp_258677.html?wid=21), and the landing gear (https://www.geekbuying.com/item/MJX-Bugs-2-B2C-B2W-Landing-Gear-Black-389214.html). So far my parts list is only $262 usd and the only things I still need to figure out are what a good 5.8gz fpv camera would be for this setup, how I can power it, and how to power the gimbal. I already have a 5.8gz monitor but the antenna isnt very good so I'll need a new one but thats it. Are there any major problems that would make this idea not worth attempting?
  7. mozquito1

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    Power from the pdb If it has a 5v out,
    If not hook it up to a lipo balance lead.

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