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    i'm not ready to start spending+building but longer post time = more feedback:

    intending to build some very small rc vehicles for ground use. i don't care if they are cars/wheeled or legs/walkers. it needs to be small, have a low profile, and i'll be plopping a micro IR camera on it.


    the function is anti-cricket. needs to go around the outside of the house over various terrain (nowt too challenging, a hot wheels would probably cut it) and under various clearances. 1/2" would we awesome!

    reason i ask is because knowledge of the marketplace avails prefab wheels chassis et c. ... i haven't seen any rc cars that are too small yet, none like a hot wheels.

    (geraniums and molasses cups work well but "active defense" is really prudent in this campaign)

    post em if you got em! :)
  2. Gyro Doctor

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    About the smallest scale size you'll find is 1:63 and they're called "coke can cars".
    Consider though that there's the 12V battery (poor choice) for the camera AND the FPV TX, as well as the chassis' battery which means that
    your vehicle's size will be primarily dictated by the battery (or batteries) it's lugging around. Remember you're selection for that camera dictates
    a three cell battery pack at full charge (12.6V) which will drop down to 9V and before that point the camera may cease to even operate.

    For the VTX you can buy an Eachine VTX03 (pretty small) for about $15 or salvage one (and perhaps most of the other required guts) from one
    of your other quads....You'll want that integrated dipole antenna, not a connector for an antenna.

    If I remember correctly you have three eachine quads, one of which could be sacrificed for this endeavour. Battery/voltage constraints can be overcome
    by the use of a "buck/boost" converter (see Pololu) to alter the native voltage of a main battery pack to suit different peripheral's voltage requirements. ;)
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  3. yay

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    i've seen a couple comparably sized toys, and i could see hacking the e011 fcb into a ground vehicle app :D

    for another day, been building for three days now.

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