low voltage alarm at full battery charge?

Discussion in 'RTF Modification & Repair' started by kevino, Aug 25, 2017.

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    This applies to the RTF Eachine racer 250 pro completely stock. Recently I've been getting a constant series of three beeps from the quad which I'm fairly certain is the low battery voltage alarm. The funny thing is that I'm getting it when I first plug in the fully charged battery! lol. Is there a max setting for the voltage alarm as well as a low setting? After tinkering I've noticed that if I drain the cells down to about 4.10 V per cell the alarm won't go off...anything charged above that and beep beep beep. I believe it has version 3.10 of cleanflight or something close to that. Is there a setting for max voltage? Or just faulty circuitry? thank you!
  2. Jackson

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    Sounds like Betaflight with that number. Sometimes stuff happens, you could reflash to the latest, 3.2 after saving all your settings (including CLI.) Or maybe try this to disable the specific buzzer.

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    thank you for your reply. I'll look at the voltage settings as soon as I get the FC to connect to cleanflight....which is used to do just fine but now has decided not to connect....crazy unpredictable electronics....anyway thank you
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    Hi...i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the main thing you need to ensure is that you set the charger into LiPo mode and make sure that the number of cells is correct. Since your battery is 7.4v that means it is a 2s lipo battery. The max voltage per cell is 4.2v, so your battery when fully charged will be 8.4v. Set the charger up to charge at maximum amps, which is probably 5 amps on your charger.
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    Hello, thanks for the response. I should have replied with the solution so resolve this thread, sorry I did not. Anyway,
    "Jackson" was correct, I was trying to connect the quad to the wrong version of cleanflight (it was actually betaflight). Once I got the right version installed on my PC I was able to connect the flight controller and change the "maximum voltage" setting on the flight controller. That solved it. I guess my charger was actually charging my batteries a little higher than it says on the display...in any case thanks for the replies and thanks Jackson for the solution.

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