Looking for drone with 30+ minutes of flight time

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Manny6565, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Manny6565

    Manny6565 Member

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a drone that can stay in air for 30+ minutes. It needs to have camera.. I'm not sure if something like that even exist, but maybe some of you know :) My budget is unlimited, and drone can be custom made!

    I was searching internet, and found some nice list of quadcopters with best flight time, but unfortunately none of them can stay in air for more than 30 minutes :(

    thank you!
  2. GJH105775

    GJH105775 Avid Linux User, and U.S. Air Force 1C6 Moderator

    IDK about 30 minutes, but if you are fine with changing batteries once during flight DJI or an equivalent.

    Might also take a look at longtangerc.com he has some good little setups if that is what you are interested in.
  3. WLDOR

    WLDOR R/C Veteran, Quadcopter Rookie


    These guys are working on UAV craft for agricultural/surveying purposes. They are reportedly developing hydrogen fuel cell-powered craft that they claim will be able to remain airborne for 4+ HOURS at a time… Might be with approaching them for further information for your application?
  4. GJH105775

    GJH105775 Avid Linux User, and U.S. Air Force 1C6 Moderator

    Hmmm, or store uncompressed fuel balloon style Lighter than air fuel source ;)

  5. WLDOR

    WLDOR R/C Veteran, Quadcopter Rookie

    True story - I grew up (and my parents still live) in the village right next to the these behemoths:


    Currently this bad boy is in the throes of final testing before her maiden flight (I hope all goes better for them than on my first couple of attempts!!)

    Many years ago, my dad and I got to go up for a flight in the old Skyship 500.

    After hours, these hangars moonlight as movie sets too... Parts of the latest Star Wars have been filmed there, together with Gotham City/the Bat Cave in the last Batman movie... Many bands us them too for pre-concert staging (U2, and most recently (/embarrassingly): 1Direction!)

    On a hot summers day, these freakin' things are so big that it isn't uncommon for it to actually rain IN the buildings!

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming... (Sorry OP for that little tangential wander there!)
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  6. Proxxii

    Proxxii Well-Known Member

    I've had thoughts of an experiment to add a helium bladder to a decent sized copter with relatively low KV motors to take stress off RPMS to increase flight times. Not sure if an idea like this is worth trying though.
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  7. GJH105775

    GJH105775 Avid Linux User, and U.S. Air Force 1C6 Moderator

    Seen it done a few years ago before I was into quads. They got the balloon filled to the point that the quadcopter displaced almost exactly it's weight in air. The result was a somewhat drifty quadcopter that could move around with minimal power consumption. It was some sort of challenge on a TV show that I don't remember.
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  8. Proxxii

    Proxxii Well-Known Member

    Me and my Co workers are tonight about building an air ship with a drone bay. Maybe have 6 - 10 launch pads.

    I assume it will look like some sort of zeplin with an undercarriage.
  9. Chuck

    Chuck Well-Known Member

    Why am I thinking about a Led Zeppelin album???

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  10. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    Give Ralph a call. (270-473-1409)

    I would think that he has some options for what you are looking for.
  11. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

  12. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    Have you looked at those Jackson? 21 inch props, and it takes 6 batteries to fly. $1200 for enough batteries for each flight :eek:

    Ralph has these in stock too ;)
  13. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Meets the OP's requirements. :)
  14. Bastian

    Bastian New Member

    I am also in the need for a drone with 45+, money isn't an issue either. Needs to be able to carry a 1.5kg / 3 lbs camera. custom build would work fine.
    Where shall I look or does anyone know someone?
  15. Proxxii

    Proxxii Well-Known Member

    I may be able to help. I'm in California. I'm not sure how you would like to go over the build/tune/shipping etc.. If you are interested I can compile a build.
  16. Bastian

    Bastian New Member

    Hi Proxxii, thanks for the offer. Can you drop me an email to customerservice@scoptix.com and we can then chat from there. Thank you
  17. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    30+ minutes & controllable with one hand, we know what your doing. Haha.

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