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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by bevi, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. bevi

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    Hi, I am trying to build a quad with specific features that is under $400, if possible. I would want the quad to be fpv (with some kind helpful osd), able to have at least a 1 mile range, a return to home feature, 10-20 min flight time, and the ability to attach an action camera (sj8000). I'm very new to this hobby and am looking for help from someone who could walk me through a complete parts list, and provide advice on helping me build and setup this quad to be ready to fly. Any suggestions on where I could find this kind of help?
  2. mozquito1

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    What transmitter have you got or intend to get with 1mile range. Even with a decent Tx conditions may have to be optimum to get the desired distance.
    Eg no trees, buildings or obstacles.
    Maybe look at a different frequency like 1.3ghz which can also be used for long range vtx. I have seen videos of my fsi6 @ 2miles but had been modded & one @ 1.5miles but the tx was on top of a cliff with clear LOS.
    For the flight time 3000mah-4000mah 3S
    350mm frame
    8" dual blade props
    Any flight controller except a naze32.
    Somthing like a F4 omnibus+OSD
    23-24xx size motors. @ around 1000kv.
    30amp blheli esc.
    Vtx03 video tx
    Camera I jus use a foxeer hs1177 £20
    But any fpv cams are decent lately.
    It won't be the last you buy so be wise.
    You asked you got. You could buy all this with a taranis & get change of your budget. Have you got the jewels err I mean tools for this job. Soldering iron,
    Multimeter & Allen keys. & a bazillion other thing you don't realise you need yet.

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