Lipo Battery Basics from AMA

Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by Mike, Jun 18, 2015.

  1. Mike

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    Lipo Battery Basics from the AMA

    Good info at the link. I've embedded the video here as well. The text that accompanies the video (at the link above) goes into more details and they will get into those details in later videos in the series they say.

  2. Cliff. Johnston

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    Good video series. Thanks for posting! :)
  3. Mike

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  4. Chewy

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    Hey guys I am a newb and trying not to burn anything up or down. I have a 3s 4000mah battery that I ran really low on my first build not knowing, actually forgot you need to stop them at 3.2v or so right? Anyway I was able to charge the battery after following some you tube videos but now 2 of the cells wont fully charge. When the charger says its full the cells read 420 410 396. I need to get rid of this battery now? If yes how do I properly dispose of it?

    Thank you
  5. ansarogu

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    Hello dudes, i was wondering if you guys can help me out. I live in Mexico and cannot find a site that will ship lipo batterys to me.
    Gearbest, nope.
    Banggood, nope.
    Hobbyking, nope
    Buddyrc, yep but pricey.
    Ebay, yep but take ages to get here.
    Does anyone know of a site that sells and ships internationally?
  6. Mike

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    What about Amazon?
  7. ansarogu

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    No go for Amazon, "This item does not ship to Mexico."
  8. Mike

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  9. ansarogu

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    wow thanks, never seen that one before. Unfortunately they only carry MASSIVE 4000+ mah batteries, i need 700mah ~ 1000mah for an mjx x600.
    But thanks!

    Those big cells might be excellent for a big 2216 quad i've been saving $$ to build, but until then, I have to keep practicing with my toy hex.
  10. Mike

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    Might be worth reaching out to those guys and seeing if they know of anyone selling smaller batteries or if they can get some in stock for you.

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