KingKong GT210 Tx/Rx Problems

Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by Gene Knight, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Gene Knight

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    This is my first FPV Drone, and I'm having some sporadic video problems.

    I cannot discover the manufacturer of the GT210 transmitter, but the receiver is a Tarot 5.8 GHz from Hobby King.

    98% of the time, the system works fine, but at random intervals the image breaks to complete snow, and if it persists for more than a second or two, the monitor shows "no signal".

    I can poke at the wires, and tap on things, on both the drone, and the headset, without creating the problem, but with absolutely no provocation at all it occurs.

    Is this most likely the transmitter, receiver, wiring, or something else?

  2. RENOV8R

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    Does this happen after you've been flying for a while? Possibly the VTX getting hot. Could also be interference or weak signal. Does it happen at distance or when it's close to you? But yes, check all your wiring and make sure that the wires from your camera to vtx are not close to power wires
  3. Gene Knight

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    Sorry! I suspect I have answered my own question. Apparently, I was receiving on an adjoining channel. On a 32 channel system, many of the channels are quite close on bands A, B, C. Much closer than from one channel to another. So B3 will be received on C3 *easily*, but from time to time the receiver will "lose it".

    I'm pretty sure that's the behavior I was seeing. Here is the channel table:

    A B C D
    1 5.74 5.725 5.733 5.705
    2 5.76 5.745 5.752 5.685
    3 5.78 5.765 5.771 5.665
    4 5.8 5.785 5.79 5.645
    5 5.82 5.805 5.809 5.885
    6 5.84 5.825 5.828 5.905
    7 5.86 5.845 5.847 5.925
    8 5.88 5.865 5.866 5.945

    Though it doesn't look too pretty without tabs!

    On a more embarrassing note, as I was poking through the Turnigy I6s menus, I happened to activate the "receiver bind" function, and have totally lost the binding between drone and transmitter.

    On the KingKong 210GT, can anyone identify the receiver? Is it the Turnigy i6s receiver, if that's the transmitter that's used? Is it possible to re-bind without taking the drone apart? Thanks!

    I will also repost this question in a more appropriate section.

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