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Discussion in 'Flying' started by Phil.M, Sep 19, 2016.

  1. Phil.M

    Phil.M New Member


    Newbie here so be gentle.
    I've tried searching but can't find an answer.

    I've just received a Syma X5C as a present and have been trying to fly it but cannot get it to hover.
    Before you all bang your heads against your keyboards - I don't mean it drifts from side to side,
    I've seen plenty of posts about that.

    I mean that after carefully setting it up as per instructions I bring the throttle up slowly
    It rises a few centimetres then takes off in one direction at pretty much full speed.
    This is how it's been since it's first "flight".

    It appears to be suicidal but I promise I haven't given it any reason to be.

    In the air it's constantly on the move.
    Returning the control levers to the central position just results in it heading off into the distance.

    I know you're supposed to "learn by crashing" but this just doesn't seem right.

    Am I missing something?
  2. Birdy

    Birdy Well-Known Member

    Trying doing the “calibration” settings. Set it on a level surface. Turn on quad. Turn on transmitter and pair it with the quad (left stick full up and down). Then pull both sticks down to the lower right. The quad lights should blink for a few seconds.

    See if that helps.
  3. Phil.M

    Phil.M New Member

    Will do.

    I've paired many times but not the "both sticks down to the lower right" bit so I'll try that.

    Many thanks,

  4. Phil.M

    Phil.M New Member

    That worked!

    Instead of lifting up then setting off like a dog after a rabbit it now lifts up and just sidles gently away whistling innocently.

    My first flight with this new contented drone lasted as long as the battery.
    This is a vast improvement over the previous chaos.

    Many thanks.

    I'd name my firstborn after you.

    If I wasn't over child bearing age.

    And male....
  5. Birdy

    Birdy Well-Known Member

    Great! Glad to hear it.

    I do that process before every flight. And especially after a crash or hard landing.
  6. femib

    femib New Member

    SOS my syma x5sw won't fly. The quad-copter 4 roters spins but it's just hovering and won't fly. The transmitter is engaged to the quad-copter. Can someone help please

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