Is there a cheap drone which can work together with TomTom Bandit action cam?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Arseniy_Bykov, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Arseniy_Bykov

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    I going to ice skating hiking through the frozen lake Baikal and would like to make a movie about our hiking. I used to think about filming hiking on action camera, but now I have an idea to use drone to film at distant view. I didn't deal with drones before, so asking you to advise me drone that satisfy following criteria:
    1) Cheap(long fly time is not requred just raise for some distant views), within 350USD
    2) Compatible with my action cam(TomTom Bandit), or having its own cam
    3) Programmable with python(I work on image recognition and I would like to write some API for drone.) Ideally, I would like drone to be able to pursuit and fly around group of ice skating hikers mooving toogether to film our group in a distant view.
  2. Jackson

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  3. Arseniy_Bykov

    Arseniy_Bykov New Member

    This one cheap enough. But what about API? Cannot find if it possible to write any API this drone.
  4. WandaWagner

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    You can get even cheaper drones. Just take a look at top cheap drones in 208, Google search. I founded one for myself for 100 dollars.
  5. Spork

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    For the Python API, you may want to check out They may have info on compatible drones there as well.

    I am also interested in learning more about controlling drones with code, but I'm really new to the drone world, so learning to fly with my hands before I try to fly with code.
  6. Numock

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    Maybe Wingsland S6 4K drone is well. Only $130, pocket mini drone with wifi 4K UHD camera, and it can follow you.

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