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Discussion in 'Experimentation' started by JoseGonzalez1985, Sep 6, 2016.

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    Had my inductrix for about a month, broke 1 motor wire, burned out a second one went through 3 frames so now i have a rakon frame and some upgraded motors in it, still need to get new props to get it to 100 but im already thinjing about a bugger build. Ive been looking it up and the rakon nano qx will fit the board and motors with allowing more space for fpv gear and bigger battery but the weight is going to be to much once u add a 200+ lipo. My question is can 8mm motors work with the inductrix board so i could get the 1900kv mmw ones or should i just go with the 7mm motors.
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    Assuming you're talking about the small inductrix and not the 200.

    I'm running the following setup and it's working great for FPV. Flight times are 4-6 minutes with easy flying and still at least a few minutes with aggressive flying.

    stock frame, props, board, etc. with:
    65Drones 6x15mm coreless motor set (speed: fast) - I got this set on ebay, but they should be the same thing as the MMW "fast" or the stuff from NewBee Drone.
    RMRC Cricket Cam
    NitroNectar 210mah

    Edit - I also have the cricket cam inductrix mount from RMRC. I think it is sold out right now, but there have to be much better mounts. The only thing I do like about this one is that the camera has a lot of give when I crash. It might be better to just slap some padding to the bottom of the camera (double sided vibration dampening tape or something) and rubber band it straight to the board with. A lot of people just double-sided tape it to the board.

    This even flys well outside if the wind is light.

    **Excuse the camera mounting. I dropped it a lot that day so those rubber bands got all tangled. I was flying pretty aggressively through some tree branches near my patio. You can see also that the camera case lost a whole chunk of plastic on the front. Note - also, if your props fly off, my lady does crafts and she let me use some "tacky glue". Works great to secure the props in flight and they still come off if I need to remove them.

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    Some other tips:

    I was talking to a guy from venom power and he recommended the following:

    Replace the pigtail that connects the battery to the board...

    And he said he gets more flight time with 180mah batteries (as opposed to 200+) because they are lighter.

    He also said he charges his 1s lipos with an LiHV charge. This charges them up to 4.35 instead of 4.20, but do at your own risk unless you have LiHV batteries.

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