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Discussion in 'Mini Quads & Racing' started by Torc the Sinister, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. Torc the Sinister

    Torc the Sinister Finally in the ranks of the brushless!

    I killed another BabyhawkR and the only recourse from Amazon on a replacement part was to offer a refund and buy a new BHR, so I'm down for potentially two weeks for the new one.'

    I got the Whoop out and was flying it and after the first round one of the motors stopped working and I found out that the motor socket came off the board and direct solder doesn't take. So I dug out the parts from the SPCM 90X, cut the plug end off the camera (had to connect the osd wires together to get signal) and soldered it to the board and put the 90A back together.


    Unfortunately, as I was checking BF settings, the USB port started shorting out and the kwad died and I threw it into the scrap pile out of frustration. I later went back to it and plugged a battery into it when I thought about what went bad and it lit up and all was well, so I went out back and ripped a battery. I found out a few unfortunate aspects, first was that it was stuck in angle mode. I could still fly but it was a bit more awkward now that I am full acro and I had no rate profiles.

    After a few rips, I decided to dig out the other 90X board and swapped it out and was back in the air in no time hauling arse around the yard. I have noticed an improvement in my control as I have been able to shoot low hanging bushes, the breezeway, and the race gate with little issue and seldom having to make the run for them straight on as I did before.
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  2. wafflejock

    wafflejock Well-Known Member

    Nice looking little micro, great when things randomly come back from the dead (except for zombies).
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  3. Torc the Sinister

    Torc the Sinister Finally in the ranks of the brushless!

    Sad thing is that if I break that frame I am SOL on a new one SPC Maker seems to have discontinued it, I think I bought the last one in existence.
  4. wafflejock

    wafflejock Well-Known Member

    Well can always migrate frames like I just did with my mini in the worst case scenario but likely the smaller carbon ones will hold up I'd imagine. Less weight when they come down and typically less speed and smaller arms mean less lever/torque action when they hit something so my money is on indestructible :)

    Hadn't really seen that company before just googled though and looks like a lot of nice micro options.
  5. Torc the Sinister

    Torc the Sinister Finally in the ranks of the brushless!

    I bought a total of 4 90X models ($55 each) and I have yet to break a frame despite hitting many trees and the ground. I picked up the current frame I have because I didn't like the compact nature of the 90X which made it impossible to upgrade the camera or easily change the angle of the existing antenna because it would be in the path of the props.

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