I'm planning on building my first drone, but is any of my ideas. possible?

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by Cryght, Jun 5, 2018.

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    So to start off a bit of myself. I am Cryght. I'm a Video Gamers and alot of individuals who have met me on various video games know I'm also someone who ends up on suggestion boards alot putting ideas for all sorts of crazy things, as for gaming since i play Physic/building games i often devise crazy vehicles/bots for me to take into combat. To me I have plans on having a drone, however i want sumthin more then just to fly... I have a RC helicopter that shoots BBs metal ones. so i'm thinking can i have a drone that shoots projectiles too? I know many Quads/multi have the same "shape" in generalization. sure they may be constructed out of various materials, but the formed shape of a quad is almsot always the same.. 1 rotor per corner... my Hopes is to have a Quad that can shoot projectiles, and deploy landing gear. I desire to use Turbines or Jet engines into the build.i've seen model planes fly using mini jet thrusters with FIRE... i want my drone to look Futuristic. maybe based to look like Oracle from Halo, or one of those drones from Half life.. you know the things that fly close then Blind you as they take your photo? As for the Turret i'd be using a multi directional turret i can control with a different joystick. For landing Gear. I'd have it

    as for having it be able to shoot projectiles without my input i'd just need to use the program/tech that those "Camera" drones use that are capable of knowing who owns it. as well as when it goes to take a photo of someone instead of photo it activates trigger to shoot nerf darts, or airsoft rounds. >.> So is any of my insanity possible?
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    Why, don't you think we have enough bad publicity? Go away
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    This is almost if not worse than that guy who obviously wanted to sell drugs but couldn't get around the LOS actually dropping the product. We told him to go away as well. He came back under a different name asking in roundabout way the same questions.
    What your doing I would consider illegal & very dangerous. I have no input.
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    Go back to weed and gaming. Don't try other forums, you'll get the same response
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