I'm a newbieI could use some direction..

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Rana, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Rana

    Rana Member

    Hello everyone..
    I finally bought a drone its inexpensive and I thought I was going to operate it right away..buuuttttt Im having trouble with the wifi.. it says it's connected, no internet...
    Can anyone help me with this??? Please
  2. DroneVideos.com

    DroneVideos.com New Member

    Hi, Rana what kind of drone are you using?
  3. Rana

    Rana Member

    Hello hello thanks for the reply..

    I have a dhd d5 fly..
  4. DroneVideos.com

    DroneVideos.com New Member

    What device are you connecting the drone to?
  5. ArmyVet

    ArmyVet Well-Known Member

    Typically, Quads do not need the internet to fly. They use their own WiFi for communication and control.

    You might need the internet to download the app to your "device" and upgrades and such.

    But no Internet needed for flying.

    Good luck.
  6. Rana

    Rana Member

    Really??.. it doesn't connect even after downloading the app to control it from my phone..
    I watched videos and did the exact same thing and it doesn't work..
    I've been at since 3pm today and still nothing
    Thanks though
  7. Rana

    Rana Member

    Sorry late response..
    I have a Motorola E 4
  8. KentA

    KentA Well-Known Member


    I've recently had a similar problem with a quadcopter from another company. The smartphone found the wifi signal & read "connected" yet the
    drone did not react to commands from any of 3 different smartphones nor did they receive input from the drone's camera.

    The seller has agreed to replace the drone.
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  9. Rana

    Rana Member

    Aww thanks so much man
    Sorry about your drone hopefully they can replace mines too
  10. Tentoes

    Tentoes Well-Known Member

    Your smartphone will say "no internet" on any wifi device that isn't a router providing internet, like a printer or your drone.

    I haven't tried flying mine with the smart phone, just use it to see the video and start or stop the camera. I fly it with the transmitter. The wifi range seems pretty short, so maybe I'd better stick to the transmitter for control.
  11. LHazleton

    LHazleton Bugs 2C, Future 1(Q333B), some nano's

    Rana, Always use the TX for flight. Wifi tends to lag for several ms. and its use as a controller is a good way to crash & burn. There's a good chance the wifi board on the drone crapped-out.
  12. Drone fanatic

    Drone fanatic New Member

    Good feedback Army
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  13. ArmyVet

    ArmyVet Well-Known Member

    Thanks, I got lucky this time haha
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