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Discussion in 'Quadcopters In The News' started by ArmyVet, Feb 7, 2018.

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    It looks pretty real to me on desktop. Aside from demonstrating how stupid some people can be, what bothers me most about the article is the line "draws calls for tougher UAV laws".
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    Unfortunately, that is the response we are going to get and be sorry for eventually.

    I saw this:

    Read, then go to the bottom for comments. Read what some "IdiotS" say.

    "The drone would only take out one engine! So no DANGER!" (i am paraphrasing)

    That kind of logic is scary and illogical.

  4. mozquito1

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    It wouldn't bother me if all boards had to have a baro that prevents flight over 400'
    It would seem the simplest solution.
    Unless you aquire a proper licence for a board that doesn't restrict. So if a drone is above 400' that sucker has a licence.
    This would probably never work as the market is flooded with hundreds of different fcb's. But somthing like this should have been implemented from the get go. But then again ppl flying RC for 80 years. More hobbyists & more planes.
    It's just a shame diks like this are going to spoil it. 50k fine or 5years jail for exceeding limits & in the vicinity of airports. This goes for private light aircraft also. There is just as many prats flying them as idiot drone pilots.
    The evidence is everywhere.
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    Hear hear!
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