I need help with the LazyZero tool and USBasp flash. (solved)!!!!

Discussion in 'Parts & Components' started by Fit BMX, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Fit BMX

    Fit BMX New Member

    I am flashing a KK2.1.5 using a USBasp. I installed the drivers for the USBasp from fischl.de. but when I try to flash the KK, I get this.
    But I check and the driver is installed (I am on Windows 10), here are screenshots of my device manager.
    usbasp 1.PNG
    usbasp 2.PNG usbasp 3.PNG
    I search online and the only person I found with this problem had gotten the wiring wrong on his USBasp adapter cable. Mine came with a factory adapter, of with I did compare it to your adapter plans above and it seems alright.
    Any help would be great, I need to get this thing in the air!
  2. Fit BMX

    Fit BMX New Member

    I found out the problem, it was do to the USBasp being a cheap clone. The driver wasn't quite right, but I found a solution on another non RC forum that worked great!!!

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