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Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by Luther, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. Luther

    Luther Member

    I bought a typhoon Q500 4K this weekend. I have not flew it yet but with black friday coming up I think I may have bought a sub par drone. Can anyone reccomend a few drones that are very good with the options of the Typhoon but may be better, I dont want to spend but maybe $900 at most for one but with black friday coming up it may be possiable. Can anyone tell me about typhoon, is it good or not? I need easy to fly, I want very good pictures and videos, and a way to get out of trouble if I loose control. Thank you ahead of time
  2. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    Not personally having any experience with Phantoms vs Typhoons, I can say that reports indicate you've made a very good choice
    and should be quite happy with your Typhoon ;)
  3. Luther

    Luther Member

    sounds good to me, hopefully more people will chime in and give more advice, thank you Mr. Gyro
  4. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

  5. Luther

    Luther Member

    Seriously what RENOV8R?
  6. RENOV8R

    RENOV8R Well-Known Member

    That you are questioning the purchase of a high-end quad before you've en flown it. You want something that's easy to fly - yes. You want very good pics - it's 4 freakin K. You want a way to get out of trouble - it's got GPS RTH. Sorry, I just don't get your reasoning
  7. Luther

    Luther Member

    RENOV8R I just want to make sure I shouldn't have gotten a different one, I don't have a lot of money and have saved up a very long time to get this one. I am sorry I am not that familiar with these things, this is my very first one and I don't want to have make a mistake by getting this one when if I have waited a few weeks I could have gotten a better one or one that is easier to control. I am sorry I am no expert like yourself
  8. Cobra54

    Cobra54 New Member

    Assuming you're on the up and up... you have a nice drone. It should not be your first. Go spend $25-35 on a "toy" drone - there are a number of them. I would suggest something above a mini (very small drone), about 8-12" square. Most toys now have "heads up" and some kind of altitude hold. Many will tell you get one w/o any features so you learn to fly w/o software assistance. The two toughest skills are keeping it at a level height and knowing it's orientation so your controls back/forward/left/right stay true ... in "heads up", regardless of which direction your drone your drone is facing, it will fly true to your direction. With "auto hover" or the like it will maintain the height. Personally, I wouldn't bother with a camera on the toy but it's your preference. There are drones available with GPS for under $100. They will have auto hover, fly outside of your line of site, and return to home features. Something like that would be good to begin fly and film. So, just for example, I'd invest $25 in a no frill flyer or one with heads up and auto hover - but leave those options off as soon as you can develop flying skills. Turn 'em on to relax and have fun. Move to a GPS flyer and get used to all the features your Typhoon has then move to your Typhoon. You indicated that money is an issue - much cheaper to get a flyer for practice than repair your Typhoon and, you will crash w/o any skills. Here's a syma x15 for $40 https://jet.com/product/detail/22c0...Bh2U5fUdTkq100OSLuuMJDoJIvCe2PdIaAukbEALw_wcB
    An inexpensive GPS $65 ...fx176 c1 https://www.gearbest.com/rc-quadcop...c9Rl2O7MvZUWtR8GogPAeCydcSt3NlCsaAlJmEALw_wcB
    You can find a lot more - check you tube there are a number of people testing drones daily and giving you advise on availability and features.
    I have no affiliation with the sites or drone companies in any way... I'm not recommending anything, only providing you a couple examples. You might check out some you tube videos on how to fly as well. Good luck.
  9. Luther

    Luther Member

    Thank you Cobra
  10. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    BEFORE you even attempt the maiden flight of your new quad PRACTICE ON A SIMULATOR !

    There are several decent sims out there, that are absolutely free, like "FPV Freerider" for one, that will give you plenty of practice on the
    skills needed to competently fly your new purchase without wrapping it around a tree or it smashing into the ground.

    The beauty of acquiring flight skills on a simulator is that when you do crash (and you will .... a lot) then you're just hitting a "reset button" and
    not having to repair anything (like even replacement parts for any "cheap toy grade quad") which not only takes some money (although not a lot)
    but more importantly TIME ..... There's no flight time limitations due to battery packs running low, there's no crash recovery time lost, there's nothing
    but straight endless flying time to build the needed skills to fly your new quad with the confidence that you can safely control it WITHOUT the support
    of all those "bells and whistles" like altitude hold, return to home, etc, etc.
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  11. RGJameson

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    Worth watching.

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  12. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    :) ... That's quite a nice "Bit of Kit" right there !
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  13. Rick M

    Rick M Absent-minded professor

    +1 to buying a cheap, fully manual quad to learn basics on. Learn to fly line of sight with no help. If the technology fails to perform as advertised at any point, you want to know how to actually fly the thing to get yourself out of trouble.

    Quads like the Typhoon, Phantoms, Mavic pretty much fly themselves...until they don't. It may never happen to you, but if it does....
  14. dragger201

    dragger201 If it ain't broke, don't fix it??? You kidding?

    Luther...................as noted you should learn to "fly" your quad as that is the best possible way to get out of trouble if you find yourself in trouble. For about $100 you can get a decent toy quad that will be about the same size and the same flight characteristics but much shorter flight time. From experience I would recommend the Syma X8hg. There are those who will say you shouldn't get anything with Altitude Hold, but it is surprising how much it can help. This will let you concentrate on one control function at a time with out worrying about the others (at least not too much). I have found AH to be invaluable in learning how to control throttle with the same stick that controls your turning. And the X8s will take a pretty fair amount of abuse and keep on flying. That Yuneec is a great kit(have a good friend who has one) and it is not something you want to learn to fly on because of the cost of crashing. A quad with AH and a camera will let you practice what you'll be doing with the Yuneec(I assume you wanna do great pics and vids?).

    Whether you go with something that helps you fly or something that is "full manual", the most important thing is to fly as much as you can to develop muscle memory, very similar to when you learn to drive a car. Most of the functions you do without thinking about them and that's what you need for fly a quad.
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