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    So I have a Taranis q x7 transmitter with a DYS Omnibus F4 Pro Flight Controller and as far I know everything works on my quad but the weird problem I have is when I put my transmitter in mode 1 I can arm the drone but the roll, pitch, yaw, and throttle are all mixed up. And when I change it to mode 2 on the Taranis everything is still all mixed up but then I can't even arm the quad. I tried reflashing the board and it didn't help. I would like it in mode 2 with the right controls but I 'm not sure how to fix it and I can't find anything online to help me, also what really frustrating is when I use a simulator on my computer the transmitter works exactly like its suppose too. This is my first build and I had nothing but problem after problem building it and now I'm so close to flying it but can't. If I'm missing anything I would be more then happy to clarify.
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    Not that unique at all. If your transmitter operates correctly when using a simulator, chances are that your channel mapping is just incorrect. Go to the receiver tab in Betaflight and your channel map at the top-right of the screen should be AETR1234 for Taranis. If not, just type it in and don't forget to save' If you want a visual of what I'm explaining, just do a goggle search for "images of betaflight channel mapping"
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