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Discussion in 'UAS Business Operation' started by OnTheRocks, Sep 27, 2017.

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    A couple of months ago, I was researching commercial drone opportunities and I came across this website that looked interesting and I thought would be worth checking into. But, I screwed up and did not bookmark the site or write it down or anything. I guess I just assumed I'd be able to find it again. Well, boy was I wrong. I've been looking for this site for 2 weeks now and cannot seem to find it. It looked like a site kind of similar to Drone Base, you went in and registered as a pilot, but they would contact you if they had work in your area. This seemed to be specializing in aerial mapping and surveying for construction. I don't remember the name of the site or the guy, but it was full of videos from a younger looking guy giving tips on how to complete the jobs better as well as other general updates. Does anyone happen to know of any sites this may have been?

    I also found a site similar, but I think it was advertising jobs they were sending out. I haven't tried real hard to find that one again, but if you happen to know what that one was as well...


    - N8
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    You should have just gone to the bottom of your history list & worked your way up. 2-3 weeks ain't that much diggin.
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    Some have to delete their history quite often. wink wink nod nod.......
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    That reminds me :oops:

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