I bring you the CX-105 Mantis!

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  1. Torc the Sinister

    Torc the Sinister Finally in the ranks of the brushless!

    My first actual DIY build.

    I started with these


    And, as I mentioned previously, the QX-105 on the left is grounded due to flight controller issues. The CX-30 has been taking a beating and a motor gave out. So I started taking it apart to change the motor. Then I got thinking and this happened...


    I found grommets from my harbor freight electrical parts kit that fit the mounts and due to their oblong shape, they hold the motors nice and snug. The flight controller from the CX fit perfectly and the motor wiring could reach the board with a loop around the arms. I secured the board with zip ties and decided to leave the extra intact, which gives it a bug-like appearance.

    At the moment I cannot use the camera due to mismatch plugs and I do not want to modify it while I am still waiting on the new board and potential refund request. So I took it off the mount and put the mount back on to give it a better look.


    I put new props on and took it out for its maiden flight.

    I am seriously impressed!
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