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Discussion in 'Flying' started by Dis, Nov 30, 2017.

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    I have just ordered the Hudsan 501A x4 Pro but have a question about waypoint. I have had a look at the app and if I put a route which is over 1.5km I get the messege:-

    Mission length exceed the defined limitation (1,500m). Do you need to delete the waypoints exceed limitation. Keep as is or Delete.

    By selecting Keep as is I can keep on adding waypoints. My question is if the total mission length is (say 5km) would the Hudsan complete the plotted waypoints and the return home? I am not bothered if the FPV does not work as the onboard camera would record everything.

    I know I could try it but I have only just placed an order for the above said drone.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would assume the restriction is based on how long the battery will keep it flying. No way will you be able to keep it in the air for 5km.
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    That sounds like a recipe for a flyaway. I would recommend only doing short distance automated flights until you get more familiar with the quad; within line of sight. That way you'll know how much flight time you get from the battery. If you fly out 5km and you don't have enough battery to get back, well you just lost your bird. Once you know its limits, then you'll know how long of a flight plan to create.
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    Thks guys. 5km was just an example. However, the H501A x4 pro files at 5m/s so in theory and only using 50% flying time (10 mins) the distance covered would be 5 x 60 x 10 which equaits to 3km (in theory). I will try and post the results.

    Thanks again


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