Hubsan x4 h107d , get mode 2?

Discussion in 'Mini Quads & Racing' started by Chismay, Jun 4, 2016.

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    Hi, my first post here on the forums, I have a syma x5sw, cheerson cx-30w and my favourite the hubsan x4 h107d.

    Wanted to ask if anyone knows how do I switch my hubsan x4 transmitter to mode 2? Been practising mode 2 on the big syma but can't seem to find any reference in the x4 manual about switching.

    Just completed a wide angle lens mod , can't wait for glues to set for the first tryout.

    Also another question is a 500mah battery the biggest capacity batt we can get that will still fit inside the body shell? I've used a few of my 850mah batts just strapped under the body but of course this screws with the handling/performance.
  2. Chismay

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    thought i would come back with my findings.

    to switch the h107d fpv to different modes is through the calibration method, as in hold sticks far top left to calibrate in mode 2, far left and far right for mode 1, what i also found u can go to mode 3 via both sticks top far right. im still to find the method for mode 4 thats if we have it in this quad.

    edit: came to find the h107d , doesnt come with mode 4 enabled. which kinda bums me out as ive found that the syma x5sw mode 2 is in fact mode 4 which i was really looking forward to using with the h107d.

    looks like im on the look out for a decent fpv quad
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