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  1. Cbourbeau32

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    Hello all, new guy here with first post. If this is the incorrect forum for this post please forgive and feel free to move it to the correct location.

    I've been looking at the Hubsan h501s pro advance model. I'd like to hear from some who have this model. I have the following questions:

    1) What is the actual practical range of this unit?
    2) How well does the safety feature of "auto return home" work in the event that the drone loses contact with the controller? Has anyone tested this by turning off the controller?

    Any replies would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Charlie
  2. ArmyVet

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    I am a fairly new owner of the Hubsan 501SS. With the 906 transmitter. Should be the same as your considering. Hubsan is really bad with their naming numbering conventions. Very confusing

    First have you looked here?

    My flights so far have not been further than about 1/8 mile and about 200 feet altitude. No issues. I tried RTH once it worked fine. But it was barely 200 feet away. I have a problem with the parameters for RTH that the altitude parameter is too low. Our property is surrounded by 100 foot pine trees. I am looking at a Mod that can change that along with other parameters.

    All in all it is a nice flyer.

    Good luck
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  3. AngryHatter

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    I hit RTH and was surprised that the quad flew up before steadying and then descending. It has to reach 20 feet before it does RTH so if yyou are hovering at 10 feet it can be a "wtf" moment.
    Practical range depends on many factors. Your geography, items that are interfering etc.
    I have seen a video of some getting more than 1400 meters? Which is insane.
  4. BudManLXXIX

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    I know this is a little late but just in case anyone else would like to know my thoughts on the Hubsan X4 h501s pro advance model. Advance only meaning the upgrade to the 906 transmitter. It works great for me in the ways that matter for me, which is just exploring the forest without having the leave my yard. Follow and orbit mode kinda sucks and don't really stays on me and sometimes takes a few tries to get it working. And it's really slow to react leaving me out of the frame if your going any faster than a walking pace. If it even follows you at all. Headless mode only seems to work if I line the quad facing the same direction I am before flicking the switch. RTH works nice and so does the fail safe, which I tested by turning my remote off. I am surrounded by forest so I usually fly it higher than the tallest tree if I leave my yard, so I don't know about the 20ft thing mentioned above. It returns the to spot you flicked the switch or it last had signal. Even if you move. I kinda like that cause I'll flick the switch in the yard then go sit on the porch and wait for it to land. BTW if you didn't know you activate orbit mode by first turning on follow and pressing the down key next to the Enter key. Plastic shell is not that durable but hell you can buy a hole new shell for only 20 bucks. I got it stuck in a tree about 20 feet high and after poking it out with a pool cleaning pole it hit the ground(grass) and cracked an arm. I've ran my Bug 3 into the ground or tree going at least 40mph with only a broken prop or no damage at all on several occasions. But nothing a little Duck tape couldn't fix.. I got my Bud 3 stuck on my 2 story roof the other day flipped upside down. I tied a string and a makeshift hook onto my Hubsan and fished it off the roof. I thought really highly of myself for that one. lol As far as range I got it as far as 650m away at about 150m high before I turned back afraid I might run out of batt, and as I said I'm surrounded by forest. I was just being careful , it has great flight time, I probably could have gone farther but the FPV was starting to flicker real bad too. The FPV Antenna broke on the inside when I tried bending it in the position suggested and I had to take it apart and repair it with some copper wire and a soldier iron. At first I could barely get a solid FPV signal sitting right next to the drone. I'm pretty handy at fixing things but defiantly the FPV antenna could use some better craftsmanship.

    @AngryHatter yea I saw that video too, and even left a comment saying the exact same thing "WTF!"
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  5. ArmyVet

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    Nice write up.

    Have you tried the software mod for changing parameters? I want to in order to change the RTH altitude. But it's a russkie program. Hard to trust sometimes. All the best hackers come from Russia ahemm
    Have fun yanking and banking!

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