Hubsan H501S Pro Advanced model

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    Hello all, new guy here with first post. If this is the incorrect forum for this post please forgive and feel free to move it to the correct location.

    I've been looking at the Hubsan h501s pro advance model. I'd like to hear from some who have this model. I have the following questions:

    1) What is the actual practical range of this unit?
    2) How well does the safety feature of "auto return home" work in the event that the drone loses contact with the controller? Has anyone tested this by turning off the controller?

    Any replies would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Charlie
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    I am a fairly new owner of the Hubsan 501SS. With the 906 transmitter. Should be the same as your considering. Hubsan is really bad with their naming numbering conventions. Very confusing

    First have you looked here?

    My flights so far have not been further than about 1/8 mile and about 200 feet altitude. No issues. I tried RTH once it worked fine. But it was barely 200 feet away. I have a problem with the parameters for RTH that the altitude parameter is too low. Our property is surrounded by 100 foot pine trees. I am looking at a Mod that can change that along with other parameters.

    All in all it is a nice flyer.

    Good luck
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