Hubsan H107C+ 720p HD Quadcopter with Alt. Hold

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by Michael Mechelse, Dec 30, 2016.

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    I came across this quadcopter, I own the original H107 and was impressed with that model, so I thought I'd give this one a try. It's slick looking for sure, nice clean look to it and the LEDs on it are bright and extremely visible. And the HD camera in it is above average quality from all the quadcopters I've owned in the past. I'm impressed.
    I got this quadcopter from
    You get everything you need including 2 chargers, a separate one for charging the battery outside of the quad or a cable to plug into the quad with the battery in it. Both use USB interface to charge the battery. I tried both way and both ways work well. When plugging into the quad the red LEDs turn on when charging and when it's done, they shut off. Very nice feature.
    Also included is a prop wrench and an extra set of props. I took this quad out for a spin inside my neighbor's garage because it was snowing and windy last the few days here. I'd like to try it outside sometime soon but here's my video I made of the indoor flight!

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