Hubsan 107L - Up, up & ...down...

Discussion in 'Flying' started by Cliff. Johnston, Aug 19, 2016.

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    Finally got all of the parts in that I needed to get my second-hand, crashed, rejected, and abandoned Hubsan 107L into the air. lol...I must admit that it did not go smoothly, but after getting it trimmed properly I managed to get it into the air, do some touch-and-goes and finally manage a turn and a smooth landing! Well, sort of smooth - none of the props came off ;-) Then the lights started blinking - low battery. I have 5 more fully charged batteries, but I'm going to wait until tomorrow. I'll rest on my laurels tonight ;-)

    This overgrown "bumble bee" is well thought out. Too rough a landing and the props just pop off - that's with the blade protector too. Fortunately I'm earning my stripes indoors over carpeting :) I have an old Red Wing 20 gallon crock (used to make fresh sauerkraut in it) with a mahogany top that doubles as my lamp table and now as my heli-pad (without the lamp). That doesn't mean that I didn't hit the ceiling, a wall, my leather club chair and the carpet. I did :-( , but nothing broke. All in all I would put these first flight attempts down as a learning experience and a "qualified success". I'm looking forward to tomorrow and more flights - each one getting better :)

    8/25: I've had more crash landings than successful flights. Finally figured out that the previous owner hadn't trimmed all of his controls, and that the ailerons were reversed. Once I did all of the corrections my flights were immediately better. I should have checked everything first, but I was anxious to get up in the air. This is a really neat little quadcopter.
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