How to tell whether buying Syma X5C or X5C-1??

Discussion in 'Ready to Fly Quads' started by Alyssa, Dec 14, 2016.

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    I am looking to purchase a drone for my father for Christmas. It is his first drone, so hopefully it is a good beginner drone. After much research, I decided on the Syma X5C-1; however, I am not sure how to tell whether I am purchasing that or the older X5C. I want to ensure I am getting the upgraded drone because we have windy days here in Nebraska, and it seems there was an improvement on how the X5C-1 handled in wind. I have read many different articles on how to tell the difference between the 2:

    1. The box for the X5C-1 says "Upgraded".
    2. The X5C-1 has a red X followed by a black 5C.
    3. The X5C-1 has a red and white 2.5G under the X5C
    4. On the propeller installation sheet in the guide, it refers to an X5C-1.\
    5. There is a black and white "2" on the front cover of the manual.

    Which of these are true tests for whether you are buying the new version or not? I am currently looking at one being sold online. It does not have "Upgraded" on the box, nor does it refer to the X5C-1 anywhere in the manual; however, it does have the red X followed by the black 5C, the 2.5G, and has the black and white 2 in a triangle on the front cover of the manual.

    I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. I am so confused!
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    Newer version has the Red X followed by the Black 5C on the body of the quad. And the instruction manual definitely should say "2" The newer version is commonly referred to as the X5C-1. Great beginnner quad to learn to fly on.

    Edit: Btw, that link to Amazon is a Syma "BNF" version. Don't buy that if this is a first-time quad. BNF means Bind and Fly and is the quad only w/o the transmitter and camera. You want a Syma full package that comes with everything. Read the fine print carefully.
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