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Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by depth10, Sep 21, 2016.

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    I have a Typhoon H ( with a CGO3 camera that streams the FPV via an app designed by the maufacturer (Yuneec) and downloadable from the App Store (App is called CGO, I believer). Once you download the app, you just connect your iPhone to the wifi network created by the camera to view the feed. You guys probably know all about this stuff so I'm sorry if I'm being too detailed.

    The problem is, I have an event where I'd like to let spectators see the FPV from the App (or any App) but the CGO App is way too detailed to let someone stream since it includes controls that would override the pilot's controls.

    Is there a way to let someone stream the FPV using Wifi 5.8GHz via iPhone or Android? Maybe just a vanilla app that I'm overlooking?

    The event is Friday so looking for some quick help. Thanks everyone
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    Hi I know this may not be the best idea but how about mounting a camera just for the streaming , or fix a camera that can see the iphone pic and re send that to a monitor , sorry I cant be more help

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