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Discussion in 'FPV Systems' started by depth10, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. depth10

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    I have a Typhoon H ( with a CGO3 camera that streams the FPV via an app designed by the maufacturer (Yuneec) and downloadable from the App Store (App is called CGO, I believer). Once you download the app, you just connect your iPhone to the wifi network created by the camera to view the feed. You guys probably know all about this stuff so I'm sorry if I'm being too detailed.

    The problem is, I have an event where I'd like to let spectators see the FPV from the App (or any App) but the CGO App is way too detailed to let someone stream since it includes controls that would override the pilot's controls.

    Is there a way to let someone stream the FPV using Wifi 5.8GHz via iPhone or Android? Maybe just a vanilla app that I'm overlooking?

    The event is Friday so looking for some quick help. Thanks everyone
  2. holtneil

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    Hi I know this may not be the best idea but how about mounting a camera just for the streaming , or fix a camera that can see the iphone pic and re send that to a monitor , sorry I cant be more help
  3. GJH105775

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    There are ways to take composite video and stream it. You could do that with a delay.

    I take it you have a commercial exemption and know of the risk involved in flying over people?
  4. Pawlik

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    Yeah that sounds really dangerous. You could do a lot of damage to your copter by crashing into them!
  5. depth10

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    Yes, commercial license and no, not flying over top of people's heads...but given that the event is long gone thanks for your overdue concern and zero-added value to the question. :rolleyes:
  6. GJH105775

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    There are some commercial services that will help to get you started buy obviously they like being compensated for their work. Here is a bigger such example

    There are also some tools you can buy to pretty much streamline it:

    If you want to stream it on any service such as Facebook or youtube there are also options of using composite to USB so that you could capture from a FPV receiver and take it into the PC similar to a webcam and do what you wish from there whether that be re encoding it or just using something to push it out over a local network.

    Do you want this to be available over the internet or just a LAN to people near the event?
    How much latency can you stand, it will be very noticeable to people if they are at the event and watching.
  7. GJH105775

    GJH105775 Avid Linux User, and U.S. Air Force 1C6 Moderator

    Hahahaha, well that too, but I meant danger from a legal standpoint. Most people would suggest you get anyone that you might fly over to sign a waiver, and if it a big event they usually suggest including it with the tickets. But if it is a smaller event that is mostly people why also fly then I never bother. Just wanted to make that a consideration. One of the downfalls of the internet is that you don't always know all of the details.
  8. ArmyVet

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    Well I thought it was funny hehe......

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