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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Farqueue, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Farqueue

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    Hi Guys
    Im in the market for a new quadcopter, i work in australia in a remote desert area that no planes ever fly and i want to do some high altitude aerial photography i want something RTF and under 2000 dollars with 4k cam or under 1500 go pro compatible.
    What are some suggestions on quadcopters in this price range that have excellent range/ battery life and arent altitude restricted.
    I really like the phantom 3 but it can only go to 500m from what i have read.
    Thanks in advance..
  2. sailorsam

    sailorsam Well-Known Member

    I'd suggest one with one-button-return function. very easy to lose one up high.
    I suspect you've done more of this than I so I hope I'm not stating the obvious.
  3. GJH105775

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    Well most quadcopters will do high altitudes, if you just upgrade the transmitter to be longer range. Just get a RTF that is within your budget (I suggest getting a Phantom 1 because of the longer flight times) and get a transmitter like a Turnigy 9XR with a 1000mW 433mHz module you could get pretty long ranges.

    How much range do you need? You could get a lot longer range with a fixed wing if possible.

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