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  1. midhunmohan

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    i am building a quad copter using Aurdino due ...its all most finished now .
    imu for this x configuration quad is mpu6050 with dmp ...after implementing the pitch and roll now i am testing the quad stability ..its oscillating sideways..:(

    other observations .
    1) the dmp is giving roll and pitch in decimal values..the values are changing ( .03 to .07 ) even the quad is stand still ..
    2) i tied the quad using for ropes in each arm ..while lifting it stable first but after going high when it exceeds the ropes range .its starts oscillates ..

    kindly guide me ..if you are getting some clues for the mentioned problem
  2. Wildwelder

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    Is the yaw adjusted correctly? If its spinning , adjust the yaw. Left stick, right and left. Im only saying this cuz you didnt mention it. Gl
  3. midhunmohan

    midhunmohan New Member

    Thanks very much for the replay ...today i tested again ...oscillations are still there ..
    i think some problem in control logic ...can you plz go through my code .

    Midhun Mohan

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