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  1. Hi. I bought an F100 Ghost drone. Seemed pretty fun the first day. The 2nd day I was heading out and dropped my transmitter. Not apparent damage but Force 1 support is terrible, or at least for me. When trying to unlock it I turn on transmitter and it starts beeping 3 times with 1 second break and then 3 times over and over for 1 minute. The green light flashes continuously. After 1 minute it all stops and light stays green, but unlocking it is impossible. New batteries and charged transmitter batteries too. I feel lost. Any of you smarter guys ever had this? Thanks, David C.
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    I'm not one of the smarter ones so I can't answer lol.
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  3. Rick M

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    What's beeping...the quad or the transmitter? I've flown both the F100 and the original Bugs 3. Trying to remember which does that particular beep pattern and why.
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    Sounds like you may have bust the tx.
    Are you using betaflight. If so try see if any input from the sticks & switches.
    If not try a re-bind of tx/rx.
    Failing any of this, whip the cover off & see if there is any obvious damage. If not send that sucker back for a refund or a replacement tx.
  5. The transmitter.
  6. I did drop the Tx on the way out the door. The transmitter is what is beeping. What would be a good and not expensive transmitter to replace it with?
  7. Unfortunately I bought it second hand. It flew perfectly on day 1. It's a Force 1 stock F100 ghost drone
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  9. Thank you Rick M. I ordered one. I think dropping it on my deck smoked it. Proable fixable with new board but I'll just wait until the new one comes. I'm too busy farming and restoring 2 trucks right now. God bless you my friend. David C
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