Help with my first build (connecting receiver to flight controller)

Discussion in 'First Build' started by Joe Nogosek, May 28, 2018.

  1. Joe Nogosek

    Joe Nogosek Member

    Hello! I am currently almost finished up with my first quad build and I can't wait to get it in the air! However, I am running into a small issue in the final stages of my build. Everything has gone perfectly well and works great, and the last thing that I need to do before I get in the air is connect the receiver from my radio to my flight controller.

    First, I need to bind my radio to my receiver (I have a FlySky fs-i6 radio). I got it to bind once before, but then it unbinded somehow and now won't bind again no matter what I seem to do, I even tried buying a new receiver and it still won't bind.

    My next problem is that I'm not sure how to connect the receiver to my flight controller or what to do with the receiver in general (my flight controller is a CL Racing F4S).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! I just really want to get in the air ASAP! Please let me know if there are any questions regarding my problems or if I need to include more details in order for help to be better diagnosed.

  2. Chance

    Chance New Member

    Hi! What receiver are you using?
  3. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Here you go, CLRF4S-AIO-3-1024x635.jpg
    From this diagram, it looks like your ia6 or ia6b is not compatible.
    Unless you use cli resource to remap.
    You will have to swap b08 with the led pins.

    In other words put it on the led pads & swap b08. In the cli commands.
    A bit of Google on this now should put you right. ;)
  4. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    I got a page here but I can't link to it.

    It says

    Resource led_strip none

    Resource motor 5 none

    Resource ppm b08

    Solder to led pads
    So +- go to the normal pads & the signal wire you would have to try on each led pad. It doesn't say which one though.
    Good luck.
  5. Joe Nogosek

    Joe Nogosek Member

    This is the receiver I am trying to use - [​IMG]
  6. Joe Nogosek

    Joe Nogosek Member

    If it isn't compatible, does that mean that I need to buy a new radio? Or just a new receiver? Or what would I need to buy so that it would be compatible? Could you lead me in the right direction on specifically what I should get so that everything is compatible with my flight controller? Thanks for the help!
  7. Joe Nogosek

    Joe Nogosek Member

    Thanks for the help, but
    I think I am just going to try to buy new things that are directly compatible with my flight controller, but I appreciate the help nonetheless! Thank you!
  8. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Old pwm rx, lots of wires. Ia6b does ppm ibus.
    Ia6c is slimmer.
    FSRX2A is tiny with more range than the rest.
    Or there is the X6B.

    In order I would buy


    FSRX2A has most range (apparently)
  9. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    That pwm rx will not work with that fcb.
    Any of the above mentioned will.
  10. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Pwm Is 1 wire per channel, all the rest is through one wire.
    Surprised your tx came with this as its very outdated. I know when I got my fsi6 (3yrs) it came with the ia6.
    but i have order one since for a customer that came with an ia6b.
  11. Joe Nogosek

    Joe Nogosek Member

    So if I buy the FSRX2A, I will be able to bind it with my FlySky radio transmitter and then connect the FSRX2A receiver to my flight controller and then finally be able to get up in the air?
  12. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it is a Flysky rx.
  13. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Not long maidened a 130 & got the 300m in my park. Will see if I get 5-600m on my next outing.

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