Help to buy my first Quadcopter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by anibalcezarr, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. anibalcezarr

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    Hello, I'm totally new in this field.
    I want to buy a quadcopter to take awesome pictures and videos, so I was searching and some guys recommended to buy an action camera and one quadcopter for begginers.
    So I'm looking to buy the ELE Explorer action camera, seems very nice for my purposes.
    And which Quadcopter do you guys recommend? It will be easy to attach the camera to it?

  2. holtneil

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    Hi how much do you want to spend the new Phantom 4 comes complete with camera , and the footage is great I had a guy show me his the FPV was on to a Ipad and was clear , the spec on the P4 is really good and a newbie would have to problem flying it
  3. anibalcezarr

    anibalcezarr New Member

    It's to expensive.. I budget it's 150 euros
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    I would recommend starting off with a hubsan x4 h107c or similar toy grade just to see if you like flying 1st, not to mention when u wreck it (u will) its not a large investment and its durable n cheap to fix. If you like it then progress to something larger just my 2 cents from someone who also just started .you can pick up this qaud for 20.00 on ebay this can also take pics so u can practice doing that also.. Good luck
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