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  1. fouram.

    fouram. New Member

    Hi there. I am new to drones. Have a drone which is broken, one motor will not light up, took it to drone specialist, outcome is he did not recognise brand, so could not repair. WAS given it as present, bought from ideal world on tv. would appear to be Chinese make of pro viper- called viper pro. Has anyone seen/heard of this type? Does anyone know where I could get it looked at in Scotland? I have no idea what to do, have tel. Ideal World but cannot get through.
  2. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    Do a "Google Search" under "RDM Creations, Viper Pro Drone" .... Forget the retail outlet Ideal World, RDM is the manufacturer ;)
  3. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    Do you mean one of the motors wont spin ? or just led light wont work ?
  4. Brown

    Brown Active Member

    Never heard this type. But you could try some secondary market FB groups to see if someone use it.
  5. Gyro Doctor

    Gyro Doctor Electronics Tech for over 45 years

    There's not much info on anything made by "RDM Creations" to be found (I did see that Ideal World still sells them for 250 GBP)
    but you can still try the usual approach:

    Disassemble the quad enough to access the main board inside then switch the connections for the motors.
    If the previously dead motor works (and a different motor quits) then you know it's either the section of the board
    that drives that motor, or the wiring that feeds the motor, and not the motor itself.

    If it IS the motor you can probably find suitable replacements for cheap (I'd recommend doing all four at the same time
    unless you're sure they're the exactly the same motors). If it's the board then it will take a bit more work to fix, but it's still
    possible to just replace the driver sections (built in ESC) if you're able to do minor electronics work (soldering and desoldering).

    I saw one of these quads on fleabay for about 100 GBP that you just might want to go ahead and get.
    Having TWO of everything is a great backup plan for parts whenever something breaks, fries, or just plain quits. ;)
  6. Cheapdronefan

    Cheapdronefan New Member

    Same as syma x8 motor
  7. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    They all are. :)
  8. Lockster

    Lockster New Member

    I have the same drone, just brought it from shopping channel (big mistake) I need new blades as I have broke my ones.
    Does any one know where I can get some new blades or if they are the same as another make of drone, as i cant find spares for this dam make any where!.
  9. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Post a pic of it.
  10. discopete

    discopete New Member

    I've also just been presented with one of these. Honestly I want to tell him he wasted his money. Both sticks are sprung centred and it seems to only fly with barometer only altitude hold enabled. The motors are brushed and and the large(ish) size and cheap plastic body makes it impossible to fly in anything but complete calm.

    I've attached some pictures (one stock and the other of a damaged prop), if anyone can tell me how to switch alt hold off or has located some 9" props with the hex centre mounting it'd be much appreciated :) Ty

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