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  1. dayshaddow

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    Hello I am new here BUT not a learner pilot.i am new to drones and betaflight tho
    I learned to fly cp helicopters 10 years ago and am an advanced flyer.i took a break from flying but returned a few months ago and got me a wizard 220s.i have no plans on racing but a small agile drone will do me well for my plans
    I joined another forum but well now I am here with a few questions that havnt been answered over there
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  3. Rick M

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    Welcome to the forum! I used to fly RC gliders and (FP) heli's a long, long time ago. Got back into RC with quadcopters and more recently picked up a couple of inexpensive heli's to play with as well.
  4. dayshaddow

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    l am thinking about Picking up an msrx in the future. It was great fun indoors. I have to be honest ' do Sometimes miss the trex 45o' now only own a flysky radio but will Upgrade to a DXSi In the future
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  5. Gyro Doctor

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    Welcome aboard :)
    I too have flown Helis since waaaaay back in the day, not to mention foamies and/or balsa
    gliders and planes. Quads are whole different critters though and a whole lot of fun too. ;)
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    Dayshadow o_O sounds like you need a shave. Lol

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