Hello Introduction and looking for first drone suggestions!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kevin79, Dec 10, 2017.

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    Hello all!

    I'm from the Pittsburgh, PA area. I've been out of the RC hobby for a few years, but was big into RC cars and a little bit into helicopters and airplanes. Past flying experiences include some smaller scale 4 and 6 channel channel helicopters from the blade/e-flite lines and some 3 channel airplanes. Not too familiar as drones as they weren't as mainstream when I was really into flying.

    Anyway, I've been itching for something new to play around with in my free time. I don't need anything too serious, but do want something large enough to be flown outside at least on a calm day. I don't plan on doing any indoor flying. It would be a big plus if had the ability to attach a camera to (I have a go pro) or already come equipped with a camera. I'd prefer something RTF, but I do have a DX6i that I believe still works fine so BNF would be ok as well. Price wise I'd be ok with spending up to $300-400. I haven't really done all that much research on my own yet, but I did see that Traxxas makes a drone now (which to me was crazy to find out) and it looks pretty decent. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.


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