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    Beware not a flight video!

    Testing a HDMI box - I was able to get a video signal from my 2.5" quad VTX to the Moverio BT-300 AR glasses.

    Also works when you use the HDMI out from XBOX, PS4, and PC.
    With this you can use a laptop on an airplane without people reading what you are typing or working on.

  2. wafflejock

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    Nice about to watch the vid but just bought one of these myself for using the sim (velocidrone usually, but might try lift-off seems RR guys are backing that one) without needing to wire my headset to the computer, pretty dang sweet. Only downside I've seen is it seems to get pretty toasty powering mine off of a 12V power adapter (also still need to find a place to stick it on my computer more permanently, will probably use velco 3M so can pull it off if I decide to hook it up to a laptop at work so others can try it out too). One other potential issue is the one I bought seems to only work with 59Hz refresh rate not 60Hz and I had to select that manually in the nvidia settings on my computer so not sure if the game consoles would output the proper signal by default (or if you can override that):


    Also just a note it seems a lot easier for me to fly in the goggles vs on screen for whatever reason, it's lower resolution than the screen, refresh rate on the goggles might be a little higher than my actual TV though too (cheap 4k from TCL). Haven't figured out if it's difference in refresh rate or lower res that allows the computer to just keep the framerate higher or psychological from not seeing other things in the world, but I cut down lap times from about 7 seconds on pylons in the city level to about 5 seconds and overall just feels a lot easier in the goggles.
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    I used them to fly the Mobula7 and RotorX Switchback now. Switching between LOS and FPV while flying, no issues with frame rate or losing video signal using my diversity Eachine monitor input. I used this receiver no lag but limited range, lots of drops and needed an APP to work - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07DC5MNTF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06__o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
    Have Velocidrone but have not used the Moverios on it yet. I did play GTA V (XBOX) and Monster Hunter (PS4) with them.
    There is lag on the Moverio on the Mavic, I did a video showing the latency and comparing it to the runcam on one of my other quads. For Mavic sightseeing flights I don't think its an issue and the video is HD after all.

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