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  1. sarangadhau

    sarangadhau Member

    can i use kk2.1.5 board for 2600kv motors? does it need vcc supply? which ESC will be best for Emax 2300kv motors?
  2. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    You can use it for any motor, all FCs need to get power from somewhere.

    If you want to get a KK2, this is the one to get.

    The stock FW is rather bad, this one claims it's been upgraded.
    Made by Steveis. (hopefully) a real pro.

    They have 2 modes, stabilized and acro.

    It may be old school, but it's a no solder, just plug in your cables, and no computer needed FC that will pretty much fly well right from the get go. All tweaks can be done and tested quickly, right in the field. Don't expect to build a competitive racer, but it's no dog.

    This guy knows how to make them sing.

  3. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Esc's govern speed so yes the KK will work with 2600kv motors. The board is 5v so no direct connection to lipo.
    I run the emax RS2205 on 2 of mine, using littlebee 20amp & pocket rocket 20amp.
    Most esc's are decent now my pocket rocket where £6.75p each. & 2years old multiple crashes. Still going. Same with the littlebee. I may build half a dozen a year or repair for people. Except for a few I mainly use the pocket rocket just for a cheap build. I can honestly say in about 60 esc's about 8 died & 2 to unknown causes. I've killed 3 in 2yesrs on 3 quads.
    Which I think is excellent. I got about 20 of them in a draw. The littlebee I bought 5 of & I still got the spare. I'm not 100% but I'm sure the pocket rocket are a re brand or clone of the spedix esc. Which also have good reviews. They look the same but can't really count the fets going by pictures. So for me if it works, use it.
    If your a nut who wants a match then try the emax bullet. First build stick to 3S&4S
    Not worth getting 3-6S as you probably won't have them long if you buy a 5-6S lipo.
    Whatever you buy, buy spares, crud happens but it saves time.
    Back in the days of having only one quad I took a week off work to go flying only to crash on day 1, I wasted a whole week because I didn't have a spare esc.
    These where simonk with no blheli.
    Never again I said. But a few months later I took my last 2 weeks holiday & they where wasted again. The quad was flipping so that problem is easy to sort out. If it is flipping because of the normal suspects. But the thing that sorted it out after 2 weeks of tinkering was a board reset. All because of a minor crash.
    This was a naze32 by the way.
    Never had such problems with F3 & F4 chips. Which brings me to your choice of board. I would suggest a better board for acro, if that's what I think you want.
    OK use it but as soon as it packs in, atleast buy an F3 with the 6000 gyro.
  4. sarangadhau

    sarangadhau Member

    thanks for ur suggestion
  5. sarangadhau

    sarangadhau Member

    how should i power it?
  6. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    Power the fcb from the 5v out that would be on a pdb. If it has a VCC I don't know if that will power it. I think that's a separate circuit.
  7. sarangadhau

    sarangadhau Member

    can i use BEC from battery to FC
  8. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    You mean the balance plug, Yes but it would mean having a jst socket plug setup specifically for that, be careful though,
    1st = ground
    2nd = 5v
    3rd = 7.4v
    4th = 11.1v and so on depending on which series lipo you have.
  9. sarangadhau

    sarangadhau Member

    ok got it!!!!!!

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