Got a drone for Christmas. Flew away two days later!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Fly high, Jan 12, 2018.

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    Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. My real name is Jay and I live in Melbourne, Florida. So my wife was handing me Christmas presents to open and I was surprised to see she bought me a drone. I didn’t even open it until the next day because I was unsure about how to fly it.
    She assured me it didn’t matter if I broke it or anything else since she only paid $29.00 lol. I felt ok after knowing that.
    I was very awkward trying to figure it out. My experience is with RC nitro 4wd trucks and buggies as well as electric cars. I once had a cox tethered plane, also a Christmas gift, when I was 10. It went straight up and straight down. I’m 56 now and always wished I could have gotten the hang of RC flying but didn’t want to lose my investment after the first flight. Anyway, she bought me a sky rider falcon 2 pro. I got too high up with it on a slightly windy day, next thing I know, it’s across the street and way above the neighbors house and quickly becoming less and less visible. I panicked and pushed it even further out, and then it was gone. I was heartbroken. I went inside and logged onto amazon and chose a Holy Stone 181W.
    After a few days of loving that, I bought another Holy Stone, HS170 mini. I find the small one even harder to control but enjoy getting better. Two days ago after watching YouTube videos for hours, I ordered another Holy Stone. The HS400, which arrives tomorrow. This one is described as “large” so I’ll see how it is different than the mini and the medium ones I have. I don’t know if I’ll ever advance to the expensive drones. I know it’s all relative when it comes to price but until I become proficient, I’m keeping it under $150 per drone.
    Thanks, and I’ll be seeing you on the other boards!
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    Welcome to the forum! It sounds like you have the bug for sure. :D

    Fly-aways have probably happened to most if not all of us. Your observations about micro being more challenging for a new flyer are spot on. Keep practicing and you will do fine.
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  3. Fly high

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    Thanks Rick. I appreciate that.
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    haha, ob die da echt da oben waren auf dem Mond? ´69....? und jetzt haben wir nicht mehr die Technolgie nochmal auf dem Mond mit Menschen zu landen? xD
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    Thanks, I just looked at it. I didn’t mention this but I need the training wheels, ie headless mode because I cannot tell the orientation without it. If doesn’t have to be that far away from me and I can’t tell where the lights are anymore. But I like the brushless and longer flight time and especially wind resistance factor. Unless I get an eye transplant, I’m probably going to be stuck using headless mode.
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    I understood haha but that’s about all.
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    One nice thing about the Bugs 3 is that is has quite a bright LED "headlight". If you get it far enough away to lose orientation, you can yaw it until you see that light and bring it back toward you. It's a great quad, stable and quite fast in high rate. If you are patient and shop, you can get it for around $80 or even cheaper sometimes. Watch Banggood, Gearbest, and Vipon.

    It also is one of the most mod-able quads I know. I know a guy who is flying one with a DalRC GPS and OSD (on-screen display/telemetry), FPV camera and 600mw video transmitter. I've seen him (video) get it to close to 60 mph and out to a half mile or so with more range available. His current goal is to set the "toy quad" altitude record with it. :eek:
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    that is insane. I like the YouTube video of the husband and his wife who do tons of these reviews so I looked and they have one for this bug 3. They call themselves the RC Saylors.
    The guy said this quad is his favorite for the “toy” grade class and that it’s really borderline into hobby level quality. I like how fast this thing is! Especially straight up! You ever watch these people’s videos? Because I’m new, I get a lot out of watching them.
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    Yeah, I watch their videos, too. They reviewed the Bugs 3 after I bought mine and had flown it for a while. Their review was right in line with my experience.

    I did mod mine to fly on 3S batteries (you just have to put some standoffs on the battery compartment) and swapped the props for some DalProp 6045 tri-blades. It flies great and has tons of punch with the 3S, but stock in low rate it is stable enough and will fly slow enough to suit a less experienced pilot. Stock in high rate it is still plenty fast.
  12. LHazleton

    LHazleton Bugs 2C, Future 1(Q333B), some nano's

    Fly, Nate & Abbey (RC Saylors) do great reviews. It was because of them that I got my first "big" bird (Q333-B). After watching their review (and others) on you tube, I bought a Bugs 2C. Best choice I ever made. For about $145.00, it's got excellent GPS, 3 modes of RTH, Auto take off & land, over 1,000 meters distance (including straight-up, which is illegal as hell), 18 minutes flight time, precise telemetry on the TX, A 1080p camera, etc.. This is my 6th quadcopter, and by far my favorite! It's REALLY easy to fly.
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