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    We're not too big on being bossy here, but there still needs to be a framework to keep the forum from getting too chaotic, so here it is. Please review these rules and if you have any questions, post here or reach out to a mod or admin.


    0 - Summary

    0.1 - The goal of these rules is to ensure that Quadcopter Forum is filled with useful content for our members and visitors without a lot of nonsense. Above all else, we aim to provide a great user experience and will manage the forum in a way that promotes this value.​

    0.2 - If in doubt about any of these rules, please reach out to a moderator or admin for clarification.​

    1 - Conduct

    1.1 - Respect each other. There’s really no reason to be disrespectful to people or rage post because you disagree with something somebody else posts. Constructive debates are more than welcome and are even encouraged, but there is no reason to personally attack someone because you disagree with them.​

    1.2 - Keep it PG. Some forums promote a culture where excessive bad language and NSFW content is acceptable, but the demographic of multirotor enthusiasts spans so many age groups and cultures that in order to be respectful of everyone, we ask that offensive language is not used. We’re talking about quadcopters here, so there should be no issues expressing oneself without using foul language or posting NSFW content.​

    2 - Using the Forum

    2.1 - Pay attention to categories / forum nodes when posting new threads. Please take care in choosing a relevant category to post a new thread in. This will help keep the forum organized and will make information much easier to find. It will also speed up the time it takes to get your questions answered.​

    2.2 - Use the search feature. This is a big one on any forum, so you should be familiar with it, but before posting your question, please use the search feature to see if it has already been answered. We’re extremely noob friendly here, so we won’t get on you too bad if you ask questions that have already been answered, but you might be able to get the answers you need a lot faster if you perform a search first to see if they’ve already been asked by somebody else.​

    3 - SPAM

    3.1 - SPAM of any kind will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban without warning. Not only will spammers be banned, their IP addresses will be recorded and reported to online SPAM databases and those IP addresses will be blacklisted from registering new accounts on this forum and others.​

    3.2 - Our definition of SPAM:​

    3.2.1 - The obvious stuff: promotion of pharmaceuticals, money making schemes, etc. that are completely unrelated to the forum. Typically these things will be caught early by filters. Either way, they will result in a permanent ban without warning and all previous posts by the offending member will be deleted.​

    3.2.2 - Any member misrepresenting themselves for the purposes of promoting a product or merchant that they own, work for, or have any other interest in. This includes fake reviews by merchants, fake recommendations in response to questions posted by other members, etc.​

    3.2.3 - Making posts that have no value for the purposes of promoting something in one’s signature.​

    3.2.4 - Posting items for sale outside of the for sale section, or excessively posting items for sale in the “for sale” or “new products” section.​

    4 - For Sale Section

    4.1 - The “For Sale” section is to be used for member to member “classifieds” type commerce. The forum does not investigate or validate anyone’s claims or the accuracy of the postings in this section and we do not offer any guarantee as to the legitimacy of any posting in this section. It is each member’s responsibility to investigate and validate the legitimacy of any transaction they’re participating in and we recommend taking additional steps to protect yourself, such as verifying the reputation of the seller via their other online accounts (eBay, etc.).​

    4.2 - It is acceptable for a merchant to post a special discount to forum members, or a great sale in the “for sale” or "general discussion" sections, but excessive posts by merchants in this section will result in a warning and excessive posts may be deleted.​

    5. New Products Section

    5.1 - The “new products” section is for posting about new products on the market only. This includes anything from a Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, a known manufacturer, some inventor in their garage, etc. If you are a merchant, please do not post about products here simply because you started carrying them.​

    6 - Product Reviews Section

    6.1 - The product reviews section is for legitimate reviews of multirotor related products. Anything other than this will be deleted and may result in a ban.​

    6.2 - Reviews must create a clear distinction between factual information and opinion. Any opinions should be backed up by facts to ensure that the review is useful to others. If a prop snapped off in the air on three out of five flights, explain it that way. Don’t simply describe the product as junk without backing up your opinion.​

    6.3 - Merchants and manufacturers are welcome to use this section as well so long as they meet the following criteria:​

    6.31 - You must represent yourself as a merchant or manufacturer. Do not misrepresent yourself as a regular consumer of the product or you will be banned without warning.​

    6.32 - Do not post your customer’s reviews of a product, even if they are genuine. Only post your own reviews of the product and make sure to disclose that you are a merchant that sells the product you’re reviewing.​

    6.33 - Provide enough facts and other added value (videos, photos, etc.) to ensure that members and visitors can easily see past any bias you may have to formulate an opinion of the product based on the information you share. In other words, the bar for reviews by merchants or other parties closely tied to a product is much higher than a typical consumer review.​

    7 - Feedback

    7.1 - We welcome all suggestions and feedback. Please direct any ideas you may have to a moderator or admin - or reply in this thread - and we will see if they are feasible to implement.​
  2. HDtallrider

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    I'm sure this is the wrong place to post this question. How do I delete a classified listing? Great forum by the way. My favorite.
  3. Mike

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    PM me the title of your thread you want to delete in the classifieds section and I will delete it for you. After a certain period of time, you cannot delete your own threads.
  4. Alexis

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  5. Ricardo R

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    how can I post in the general forum? can anyone help?
  6. Mike

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  7. Ricardo R

    Ricardo R Member

    my screen says I don't have enough privileges to post.
  8. Mike

    Mike =) Admin

    For a new thread? Can you post a screenshot of that here? Otherwise, have you confirmed your email address yet?
  9. Ninetoes

    Ninetoes Say again Howland.

    Having a problem..When I click on any post it starts me at the bottom of the page. I have to scroll back up to the top or use the "top" button in the lower right hand corner. Becoming annoying..:)
  10. RENOV8R

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    I think if it's a subscribed thread, it's not really starting you a the "bottom", but at the last post. At least that's what it does for me.
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  11. Ninetoes

    Ninetoes Say again Howland.

    Thanks Renov8r..Happened everywhere I went,seems to be ok now. It was annoying..:)

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