Force 1 DYS XDR220 Racing Drone Thoughts

Discussion in 'Mini Quads & Racing' started by Chris21, Nov 15, 2017.

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    The quad itself doesn't look too bad spec wise. It probably is a very good performing quad. But the $500 package doesn't stand out as a bargain either. You're not saving any money with this bundle. The goggles look to be rebranded Eachine VR-007's that sell for $40 and they have the lowest resolution of any goggles. Pay $20 more for EV800 goggles and you can double the screen resolution which will give you better FPV experience.
    The Radio Link transmitter can be found for under $100. Im sure you could save more money on the receiver aswell. The B6 battery charger can be found for $40. So the remaining $300 is paying for the quad and a carry case that's worth $15. The camera looks to be fixed in one position. Maybe it can be adjusted under the cover idk. If it cannot that's a downside if you do not like the angle for FPV.

    There are much cheaper ready built (BNF - bind and fly) quads on the market that can match or beat this DYS quads specs.

    For example

    Wizard X220S
    BFight 210
    Furibee X215
    Furibee DarkMax

    Any of these will save you a stack of cash if you sourced the rest of the components like goggles,transmitter, charger separately. Though the components like the motors and esc's on the DYS will be of higher quality and probably have better reliability. As this will be your first racing quad that you will crash,break,fix,repair many times over. Do you really need to pay more for the better components starting out ? Probably not.
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