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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Donald Bratz, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Donald Bratz

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    I know that a lot of these drones have a follow me mode but it seems like they have to be focused on a specific object. I am looking for one that I can set the altitude and have the camera focused out in front of me. For example, if I am riding my bike I don't want the drone looking at me but rather out in front to where I am going. Any ideas?
  2. holtneil

    holtneil Well-Known Member Moderator

  3. ArmyVet

    ArmyVet Well-Known Member

    Not sure about all quads, but most are sensing the location of the transmitter in follow me mode. So not just any object.

    I guess you could finagle the "view" of the camera to look ahead of you. If its a fixed camera take a big hammer to it............:p
  4. ringolong

    ringolong Well-Known Member

    Active track should work if the drone is slightly behind you, or couldn't you just have enough distance between you and the drone to have in front of you in view? You could also crop so that it would appear whatever was in front of you to be the focus point.
  5. RENOV8R

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    DJI Mavic, profile mode

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