Flying via GPS data (preset data points) - is this possible?

Discussion in 'Custom Programming' started by JetDrone, Dec 15, 2016.

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    I'm interested in whether it is possible to program a "drone" to follow a pre-set GPS coordinates and have the vehicle fly from point to point. I'm mainly interested in something like a perimeter "tour" of a property of say 1 mile square (so 4 miles total). Each corner would have a GPS point and the drone would turn 90 degrees at that point. The coordinates would be physically taken at these point by some device (phone, GPS navigation device, etc) and points in between the corners could be taken as well if that would help make the navigation easier for the vehicle.

    Ideally the drone will be able to take video during the route and transmit it back to the central location within the perimeter, but that is secondary to being able to self navigate.

    I'm sure there would be something needed to help transmit the coordinates to the device such as a micro-computer that can/could monitor current GPS data/position and calculate it as opposed to the pre-programmed locations. The microcomputer could determine what direction the drone needs to travel.

    Does anyone know if there is anything like this available or if there is anything in development? Are there any projects with people working on something like this?
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    Hi mate there are a few that do way points range and battery life is the problem so you may have to rig up a twin battery set up
    To program you use a laptop to mark on the map it's way points that it's really you set it off and a way it goes cheapest is the hobby king Nova quad

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