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  1. tlk

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    I have a twofold question
    #1 I curresntly have the fs-i6 receiver and would like to know how to know what flight mode i am in with this
    #2 I will be purchasing the frsky taranis x9e, does anyone know if this transmitter show your flight mode?

    Please and thank you, I am new
  2. Joester_FPV

    Joester_FPV Member

    Hey man!

    As far as I am aware, flight modes such as horizon and angle are changed through the flight controller... There is also another type of mode which is the controller mode which is essentially mode 1 or mode 2. Mode 1 with the throttle on the right and mode 2 with it on the left. Most racing quadcopter pilots prefer mode 2, but some fly mode 1. Im not sure if this helped you out or not but I hope it did :)

    I have a youtube channel where I post videos of my 3D printed quad. Take a look if you want: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtwVs0Y88hIJtVsHDZygiPA
  3. Joester_FPV

    Joester_FPV Member

    I fly in angle mode btw which self levels for me, I hope to five horizon a try soon.

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