First quad here from Kansas! Hello!!!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Fit BMX, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Fit BMX

    Fit BMX New Member

    I got into building foam core airplanes a year or so ago, which is really fun! Then got a S500 480mm frame to build a quad, which has turned out really nice. But I am having some problems and that's why I am here!!! LOL
    I look forward to hanging around here and learning as much as I can! :)
  2. Jackson

    Jackson USA member at large

    Crazy fun and cheap. Mine.
    Wing 1 43.jpg

    Welcome to the forum. :)
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  3. Fit BMX

    Fit BMX New Member

    I don't have a picture of mine, but they are great! It cost me like 100 bucks to build including buying the radio! I have pounded mine into the ground over and over, and most you are out a prop and some foam core. :D

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