First fpv racing quad build. Help please

Discussion in 'First Build' started by scotsco, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. scotsco

    scotsco New Member

    How does this look? I don't really want to buy to many components, I will outgrow too quickly.

    Other than batteries will I need any other components?

    Built RC planes before but this is out my realm. What size wire should I buy to connect it all up?

    I will be doing a full build thread as I'm sure I will need assistance

    Cheers in advance


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  2. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    25v 1000uf low esr capacitor for the base of the pigtail. The motor wires might not be long enough to reach esc, but usually 18awg or 20 awg are used.
    Have you got mounting gear for the board like 3mm nuts & standoffs maybe vibration mounts.
  3. dragger201

    dragger201 If it ain't broke, don't fix it??? You kidding?

    Hey Tom...........couple thoughts...................

    Youtube is your friend as well as Google. There are tons of tutorials on building a quad. You will also get a grasp of the components you will need.

    Unless you've got experience doing "fine point" soldering, I would stay away from "4 in 1" or "all in one" anything. And you'd be surprised at how much "tighter" things get on a 215mm frame.

    A couple more thoughts. I don't think you really need 35A ESCs for those motors, but it does give you plenty of head room. I don't think that a 215mm frame is large enough to swing 5 inch props(mine wouldn't).

    I would definitely recommend going to a 250mm frame. There's lots of them out there and they're fairly inexpensive, even the 100% carbon fiber frames............
  4. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    I got a 210 that swings 5" it depends on the width of the body.
    If you can slam the top plate down the props may clear the top plate aswell.
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  5. scotsco

    scotsco New Member

    Yeah I'm hoping it should be able to swing them.... think it it will. If not I'll shelf the frame for a future build.

    Yeah going for 35A over 30A was purely for room to upgrade motors at a later point. As they are only like a fiver more than 30A seemed silly not too...

    Other than that shouldn't need anything else? Not too worried about the soldering to be honest, do basic soldering at work reasonably often. A few days a month... so no expert but not totally pant either.


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