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Discussion in 'Build & Tune' started by Willkelevra, Jan 7, 2018.

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    Hello everybody and happy new year !!
    At christmas i tried my brother s drone and i really enjoyed it...
    Now i wanna build mine and i need some advice for the components because i live very far (french polynesia, delivery mini 3 weeks).

    I found some component : updated with your advice (thanks !!!)
    Screenshot_20180107-103453.png Screenshot_20180107-103458.png Screenshot_20180107-103447.png Screenshot_20180107-103442.png View attachment 3378
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    mostly OK for a budget build, just a couple things
    - AIO camera isn't made for this frame, you need a more conventional setup with camera and video transmitter
    - battery is too big, most use a 1300 mah wit this size frame (and ZOP is crap, look at Tattu)
    -don't waste your money on the motor soft mounts, they don't do anything
    -if there's one thing on your list I'd spend a few more dollars on, it would be those Racestar motors. The price may be tempting but they're really poor quality and don't last long.
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