First drone build, don't know what to buy!

Discussion in 'First Build' started by Blaz, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. Blaz

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    Hi guys, i have flown a couple of small cheap drones and have owned a bebop 2 but now i want to get into fpv racing drones. I have watched a lot of youtube videos but still finding it hard to choose parts and match them together. I have a budget of $900 AUD to build a drone that can atleast fly for 10 minutes but still be very very quick and acrobatical and also need a controller and fpv goggles etc.

    Any recommendations of parts and where to buy them would be great!
  2. ringolong

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  3. Blaz

    Blaz Member

    Okay I guess I'll have to stick with 5 minutes!

    Is there any others you would recommend from banggood? I did look at that one and wasn't really interested. Would it be better choosing parts and building something that would more suit my needs?
  4. j.p.

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  5. Jackson

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    This is the the most sophisticated Eachine. 2205 motors, a racing F3 controller and BHeli_S 4S capable ESCs. Folks seem to luv them. If you need speed get some 4S LiPos for it. It comes with plenty of props. :)

    This annoying little elitist even liked it.

    The same guy also reviewed these very favorably.

    There is an ARF version, you can get your own fancy TX/RX, charger batterries and props.
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  6. Blaz

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  7. j.p.

    j.p. Member

    Wow, that's a good looking kit.
  8. Blaz

    Blaz Member

    Yeah seemed pretty good! I'm still looking for a fast tiny whoop
  9. MIchael Clark

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  10. Altsickeness

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    I have to respectfully disagree. Had three of those. They are trash and a lot of proprietary parts. Cheap parts, weak arms. Crappy placement of VTX, motors are such junk they need capacitors for each one to clean up the video noise. But they also vibrate and break off. The built in power board/lower plate it prone to shorts... a Generic ZMR 250/ QAV style would be a much better option.
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  11. Altsickeness

    Altsickeness Quad Addict

    That looks fun!
  12. Gyro Doctor

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    :rolleyes: Man, I must be an elitist too ... lmao ... I find myself nodding my head in agreement to about 98%
    of everything you post and/or recommend :D

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