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    I am building my first quad and I have almost all the parts picked out but I have some questions. My parts I've picked out are as follows: Aramatton Chameleon frame, Betaflight F3 flight controller, oomph velvet motors, Aramatton's 30a escs, lemon rx (I'm waiting on a response from Armatton as to whether the lemon rx they sell with the frame is a sat or the regular rx and can I use that with the f3 and spektrum tx) and the runcam eagle camera. I plan to get the fatshark dominator v3 goggles but I'm a little confused as to what else I need for the camera system. I'm just getting into fpv drones collective pitch helicopters are where my experience lies so any help would be greatly appreciated on the camera system and rx for spektrum tx. Thx in advance.
  2. mozquito1

    mozquito1 0.4mm from the plate. WTF.

    I just sent some skyzones back.
    The ipd is to small so I was crosseyed.
    Along with them being a white plastic sprayed orange. It was like having a TV in front of a big window with orange curtains. Skyzones are black maybe then sprayed orange. But no. Now I'm having hassle on ebay. I need an ipd of 70.
    Only cheap hiee fpv goggles go this big. So check that out.

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