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Discussion in 'First Build' started by Steven Campbell, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell Well-Known Member

    I'm ordering parts here and there based on sales, some to have on hand and others to eventually be used to build my first drone.

    Frame I settled on and just ordered is an F1-5.

    Motors, for moment I have 2 different sets of replacement motors for drones I have, may use them or another set.

    Various parts I'm watching videos and and doing research and ordering parts here and there.

    Right now I'm rebuilding my ground station, purchased and assembled my first 3D printer a couple days ago, been printing a good bit, almost through my first 1kg spool.
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  2. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell Well-Known Member

    Things I'm currently looking at:

    Bardwell F4 Flight Controller

    DALRC 4-in-1 40A 32bit Engine ESC
    (I have ordered some BlHeli S 30a ESC that were a few buck each on sale).

    Already ordered a Matek Video Transmitter 5.8G VTX-HV w/ BFCMS Control.

    Looking at cameras, not sure what to go with, looking for inexpensive if possible but good quality, size not a big issue for this build, looking possibly at one with built in DVR. OSD capable is a must.

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  3. roger jones

    roger jones Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to following your build.
    Very new to this hobby so no advise from me at this point.
  4. mozquito1

    mozquito1 Well-Known Member

    That bardwell F4 has an osd. The only cam/vtx with a dvr is the runcam split.
    £60. May want toook into latency with that if racing though. What groundstation do you have? I use the IRC Duo 4.1
    I was thinking about a tracking system.
    But I need a new pc first.
  5. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell Well-Known Member

    I dont plan on racing but I would not mind the ability to do some racing.

    Ground station is using a FR632, I have a mount to attach it to a tripod alone with some SMA extension cables, 5 meter and I have another mount that attaches to a fiberglass extension painting pole (8-24') for the antennas to the diversity reciever.

    From there I am rebuilding my ground station case to be an all in 1 case for ground station and charging.

    I'm replacing the SLA battery for some 4S 8000mah batteries. I have a DC to DC converter/stabilizer that will convert/regulate 2-6s batteries to 12v @ 12 amps (any of my batteries will be able to power the case if needed but the big 4s will be the main batteries).
    Have a 1 in to 4 out RCA 12v powered amplified hub. Have a 7" LCD screen for case viewing, SD card DVR, and IMAX charger with balance board, and depending on room, voltage meter off the batteries (have some cells testers in route to install) and some 12v sockets.

    Not too complicated, will see how much I can pack into the case.
  6. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell Well-Known Member

    Got some connectors in the mail and got them soldered up, I hope to make the motors and other items simply plug and play.

    With the 40a esc and whatnot, I would imagine I could swap between motors from basic learning to some with good power.

    Also going to see if making the camera and VTX plug and play as well. Will see if these connectors can hold up to flying or if I will have to scrap the whole plug and play idea. 20180320_043028.jpg
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  7. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    Lose the connectors they are big and cumbersome and only add weight, and do nothing for the aerodynamics. Nobody is using those for motors. If you must use connectors, use smaller banana plugs instead.

    Most camera's and vtx's (except the Matek's) use JST-SH connectors which are plug and play, but the connectors are more susceptible to broken or loose wires. Which is the last thing you want while in mid air. If that happens it means loosing the video feed then crashing.

    Wires that directly solder onto pads like the Matek vtx has, is actually a better way (imo). It makes the wires more secure = less problems.
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  8. roger jones

    roger jones Well-Known Member

    Sometimes opinions are personal.

    In my opinion top colour for motors.

    Yes it does not seem to be a conventional connection method :) Then again whats the worst that can happen. :)

    As a novice, I listen to all opinions then make my decisions.

    All I will say, with a smile is lets try to share our experience, in a way that 'encourages' each other to share our ideas as when we share we learn.
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  9. Badfish

    Badfish JA.O.A.T.

    I like the idea of connectors.
    Heck, with a 4-1 you're going to have to extend the wires on anything over 4".
    I might use the sweet #30 size black triangle ones some time. *adds to cart*
  10. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell Well-Known Member

    What size banana plugs would you recommend then?

    These are small connectors, anything smaller I would think would be too small for the diameter of the motor wires.

  11. SLFLY

    SLFLY Well-Known Member

    2mm or 3mm banana plugs. Trim the inner wire thinner if its a tight fit.
  12. Steven Campbell

    Steven Campbell Well-Known Member

    The calipers measure my MR30 connector pins to be the same outer diameter of the 2mm banana plugs, plus they are protected against shorts.
  13. jimrosberg

    jimrosberg New Member


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